The Farm

We believe you have the right to know exactly how your food is grown. Currently, there is no USDA Organic certification for microgreen growers. However, we use organic practices because we believe that food grown in a healthy, sustainable way is healthier not only for the consumer, but for the community in which it is grown.

Teeny Greeny Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Olathe, KS. We have been residents for over 25 years, and are proud to call it home.

Our Processes

Planting and Germination

Our seeds are only sourced from companies that are organic or have taken the Safe Seed Pledge, that means no GMOs ever! For some varieties, organic seeds are simply unavailable, out of stock, or very cost-prohibitive, but our most frequent sellers are grown from organic seeds. We are working with our seed distributors to move towards plants grown from 100% organic seeds.

Watering and Fertilizing

Every plant we grow is rooted in coconut coir that is OMRI-certified for organic use. We use filtered tap water and add organic lemon juice to lower the PH. On the rare occasion that greens need supplemental nutrition, we use organic nutrients. All microgreens are watered from the bottom.

Harvesting and Storage

To prevent mold and mildew from shortening the shelf life of your microgreens, we allow the plants to acclimate to the storage temperature of our refrigerators before closing the lids on their containers. This prevents condensation from accumulating, keeping the plants at the optimal humidity levels to keep them fresh without allowing mildew to grow.

I’ve tried many of the microgreens from Teeny Greeny Farms and have loved them all! Not only do they have a great flavor, they are easy to add to any dish. I add them to my salads or use them to add flavor or as a garnish for a variety of foods like pasta, pizza, burgers, and tacos. It’s such an easy and tasty way to add extra nutrients to your food!

Jessica – Olathe, KS

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